174. Courage and Responsibility (a tribute to Charlee Skaggs and her family)

Bring Back the Poetry

Jason Tomlinson and Jerry Skaggs

Courage and Responsibility (a tribute to Charlee Skaggs and her family)
by Jason Tomlinson

There is hope when courage and responsibility meet
and tenacious determination nothing can beat
the potency of such a combination
provides enough power for any situation
any hurdle any discouraging circumstances
any thing where despair possibly advances
cause I know a family where this is the case
courage and responsibility? it’s at their place
it’s in their hearts lived out in their action
and because of this they are bullseyed by hope’s attraction
and what is so remarkable – the thing that impresses me the most
is that they consider their efforts as never something to boast
their courage and responsibility yield humility I cannot measure
and that alone would make this family a treasure
but that doesn’t even sum up every reason to give them praise
if I were to…

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167. Solid Gold (a tribute to Gabby Shrum)

Bring Back the Poetry

Gabby Shrum, Jessica Shrum and Jason Tomlinson

Solid Gold (a tribute to Gabby Shrum)
by Jason Tomlinson

One mom
one dad
two babies
three days
and they realized not all was up to speed
their son was doing well but their daughter had an unmet need
so the boy went home but the girl did not
to another hospital to see what was caught
to see what was wrong and what they could do
to put understanding back into view
one week later they were able to realize
and the journey at that time just to stabilize
was two more weeks of working and learning
brand new parents praying and yearning
for this precious baby girl in whom they were delighting
all ready to do it all all ready for the fighting
of the most noble campaign they would ever know
at last the time came for them all to…

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160. Redefine the Measure (in tribute to Raichon Morand)

Bring Back the Poetry

Raichon Morand and Jason Tomlinson

Redefine the Measure (in tribute to Raichon Morand)
by Jason Tomlinson

Stop me
I dare you
I’d like to see you try
tell me I can’t and I will look you square in the eye
and tell you that can’t don’t live here it’s just that simple
my optimism won’t let can’t enter this temple
yes – my body is broken – so what?
pity will not govern my response puny thinking didn’t make the cut
woe is me is not of this team
give up and give in have been ripped at the seam
by a will set on total victory
complete for us and certain for me
to the point where it’s everywhere I go
I was supposed to wallow around and say no
but I say heck yeah to all of it cause life is a treasure
and because I say yes…

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153. Tremendous Blessing (a tribute to Courtney Nichols)

Bring Back the Poetry

Jason Tomlinson and Courtney Nichols

Tremendous Blessing (a tribute to Courtney Nichols)
by Jason Tomlinson

A thread of kindness consistently runs through
the length of her story for all to view
beginning with a teacher who provided every day
care and the wisdom to recognize a different way
so that pain could be recognized as just that – pain
and steps could be taken and doctors could explain
what in the world was going on
a condition a disease that would never be gone
such a diagnosis for one so young
a hindrance to confidence with expectations stung
time went on and year after year
it always seemed like a cure was so near
but her experience would consistently teach
that such a cure would remain out of reach
but there was one man who appeared on her screen
that was unlike any she’d ever met or seen
who demonstrated…

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