153. Tremendous Blessing (a tribute to Courtney Nichols)

Bring Back the Poetry

Jason Tomlinson and Courtney Nichols

Tremendous Blessing (a tribute to Courtney Nichols)
by Jason Tomlinson

A thread of kindness consistently runs through
the length of her story for all to view
beginning with a teacher who provided every day
care and the wisdom to recognize a different way
so that pain could be recognized as just that – pain
and steps could be taken and doctors could explain
what in the world was going on
a condition a disease that would never be gone
such a diagnosis for one so young
a hindrance to confidence with expectations stung
time went on and year after year
it always seemed like a cure was so near
but her experience would consistently teach
that such a cure would remain out of reach
but there was one man who appeared on her screen
that was unlike any she’d ever met or seen
who demonstrated…

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