Kathryn Tuck

The Middle Tennessee chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is an impressive organization.  Part of the reason they are so impressive is Kathryn Tuck.  Ms. Tuck came to Station Camp Middle School in Gallatin on February 14, 2013 to speak to all of Mr. Tomlinson’s students about cystic fibrosis and to hear about some of the things she has experienced as a result of her five and a half years of work.  One story that she relayed to Mr. Tomlinson and his students was about an email she received in January, 2012.  The Foundation knew that the FDA was about to approve a new drug, Kalydeco.  However, they were under the impression that the drug was not going to be approved until April.  So, there was no small amount of rejoicing when the email arrived from the federal government announcing its official approval!  This was four and a half years into Kathryn’s career and the weight that it carried was significant to say the least.  Significance turned out to be a theme in 2012 for the whole chapter as they celebrated crossing the million dollar fundraising mark for the first time.  Now, Kathryn continues to work week in and week out as she continues to raise funds, awareness and hope.  Next up is the fifth annual Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30.  Thank you, Kathryn!Image